Realm Wars builds come in two varieties. The stable builds are more polished versions of Realm Wars that correspond to project milestones. In addition more up-to-date builds appear on an approximately bi-weekly schedule. These work in progress builds are partially untested, representing the most recent changes and additions to Realm Wars.

Listed below are the downloads that are currently available from this site in regards to the Realm Wars project. We are not responsible for the content, availability, or any possible problems for content located off of this site.

Latest Stable Builds (includes music)

Realm Wars Builds Hosted by Maxgaming LLC.

Windows Version WWDC 1101
Linux Version WWDC 1101 (not yet available)
Mac Version WWDC 1101 (not as thoroughly tested as PC build)
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Troubleshooting FAQ

Music (01/19/2003)

Ingame Music by Joel Stuedler

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